Jet Data Manager Training

Learn How to Customize Jet Analytics to Meet Your Organization’s Needs!
Designed to provide foundational concepts around Business Intelligence and how to successfully use the Jet Data Manager backend tool, this course will enable students to make modifications to Jet Analytics within their organization.

This class is best suited for experienced Jet Reports designers or members of the IT team familiar with SQL server concepts and database structures.

This class is conducted in a classroom environment.

Agenda / Content:

Business Intelligence 101:
Learn foundational concepts around business intelligence such as key terms, an introduction to dimensional data modeling, use cases of BI in the real world, and an introduction to the Jet Data Manager

Data Flow in Jet Analytics:
Learn how data flows through Jet Analytics from the data sources all the way to the cubes and the key role that each component plays in the overall BI infrastructure.

Introduction to the Jet Data Manager:
Learn basic navigation and setup, features, how to preview data, adding new tables and fields, and how to deploy and execute objects.

Data Sources and Staging:
Learn about how data sources work, how to add additional tables and fields, how to filter data from the data source, and how to leverage the importance of the staging database. This section will also cover topics such as data transformations and how to properly denormalize tables into a dimensional model.

The Data Warehouse:
Learn how to add data from the staging database to the data warehouse, multi-table consolidation, enforcing proper naming conventions, and how to refine fact and dimension tables.

Learn how to trace data back through all modules in the Jet Data Manager, the difference between measures and dimensions, how to create new measures and dimensions, and viewing data in Excel and Jet Reports

Advanced Topics:
This section covers important topics such as implementing security into the BI environment, cube troubleshooting, setting up scheduled execution packages, and creating notifications.

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