Jet Analytics - Report Designer Training (On-location)

Learn how to build reports using several methods and tools using the Jet Excel add-in, from the comfort of your own office. Jet Analytics will send a trainer to your location to teach our Report Writing Workshop.

Topics range from basic to advanced content over the course of 3 days. These hands-on sessions are held at one of our many regional classroom locations and are broken into 2.5 to 3-hour blocks so attendees still have time in the day to handle urgent tasks or meetings.

We will also review research techniques to improve report writing and best practices concepts for building reports in addition to exploring the differences between reporting from your ERP, data warehouse and cubes. Report exercises and examples include financial, sales, and purchasing reports.

All students will receive a printed 190-page training manual which includes all exercises. The Report Writing Workshop offers a deeper dive than the online training and provides a slower-paced learning environment with more hands-on exercises.

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