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Global Provider of Maritime/Offshore Industry Services Gets Faster Access to Information and Rapid Production of Financial Reports

With offices in 26 countries across 16 time zones, 10,000 employees and 7 different currencies, OSM Maritime Group demanded an extreme standard on a new system for budgeting, reporting, and control.

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About the Customer

OSM Maritime Group is a global provider of services primarily to maritime/offshore industry, offering Crew Management, Ship Management, Offshore Management and New Building Management. OSM Maritime Group offers its services through the world’s largest dedicated maritime network.


“Global companies in service providing industries really need efficient tools for financial management and planning,” said Dagfinn Andersen, CFO at OSM. “With Bizview, we now have a scalable system where we can adapt with great simplicity and flexibility to ever-changing and emerging demands in the industry. This will be the key to our success.”

Andersen added, ”Bizview is extremely flexible, powerful, and intuitive. And when we look at the cost, Bizview is in a completely different class than other systems in the market.”

“Our biggest challenge is dealing with large volumes of data from a variety of different systems, with users from around the world,” Andersen continued. “It is also very important to be able to ensure fast and secure access to management information at all levels. With Bizview, we got a decentralized management, where responsibility is shifted to those who are directly involved. We are also experiencing faster access to information and shorter time used on producing financial reports. We spend significantly less time managing ongoing planning processes. An additional feature that is well received is that we can provide key customers direct access to viable information, something that simplifies life for everyone.”

Bizview is extremely flexible, modular based, and works with most all business management systems in the market.

Easier overview, easier life

Complex systems are often difficult to manage: Too many standards, different databases, different locations, and different understanding of IT processes often result in companies not having updated information and/or control of parts or all of the business. This can create increased cost, but also contributes to errors on the production line or on service quality.

Implementation of Bizview was faster than other systems OSM had implemented. And on the matter of implementation, Andersen added, ”We can rightly say that ’time is money.’”

”Bizview is developed so that even smaller companies and organizations should have a fair chance to have a state-of-the-art system with advanced capabilities,” Andersen continued. ”Price-wise, there’s hardly any other solution that can match it. But equally important is that Bizview’s structure and flexibility dramatically reduces the time of implementation. In a world where time is money, this is an important fact that will be displayed directly on the bottom line.”

"Implementation of Bizview goes faster than with other systems. And on the matter of implementation we can rightly say that 'time is money.'"

Dagfinn Andersen CFO

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