Jet Annual Enhancement Program (AEP)

For customers buying a Jet Global license for either Jet Reports, Jet Budgets or Jet Analytics the first year of AEP is mandatory. AEP is charged at 20% of the license list price for the initial year, calculated from the pricelist valid at the time of the purchase. For a long as the license stays current on AEP the original license value (value of the product you own) will not change unless new components are added to the license. insightsoftware reserves the right to modify Support Services fees annually.

Having your license active on AEP gives you access to:

Having access to the above resources ensures that your Jet solution will always be working for you, when you need it. New releases include compatibility upgrades with the latest Microsoft Office and Microsoft Dynamics versions, along with enhanced feature releases designed to meet the evolving reporting needs of our customers. Named license users can be quickly and easily updated to reflect changes to your organization’s personnel.

Should a customer choose to cancel or suspend AEP for any reason during or after the first year of service, any re-instatement of the AEP will be re-calculated based upon the current list price and license configuration options.

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