Live SAP data in Excel without IT

Access real-time SAP data in Excel for easy, self-service reporting, without overloading your IT team.

Steer Your Business by Establishing a Rapid Reporting Rhythm

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The Need to Act Fast

Businesses around the world are under tremendous additional pressure to adapt to a quickly shifting situation. For Finance, access to the latest data is critical to answering the new questions your business faces on a daily basis.

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We’re Here to Help

We’re proud that our software empowers teams to work through these challenges. Our commitment to you during these unprecedented times is to provide open access to our financial and operational reporting software and key templates to get you up and running instantly, and to help you navigate these unchartered waters.

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Easy to Install. Easy to Use

With Wands for SAP, you can be installed, and up and running within a matter or hours. You’ll be able to access live SAP data in Excel using your existing skills, without overloading your IT team. Pre-built report templates will help you get a handle on costs immediately. Daily, free online training will get you up to speed so you can answer ad-hoc requests.

Be Ready to Answer Any Question Thrown at You

With a direct, real-time connection to your ERP data, you can report across any module and analyze data by drilling down from summary to transactional detail, without requiring specialist technical knowledge. Get a handle on costs in the short term, access the data you need as input into continually evolving forecasts, and respond quickly to answer new questions that arise over the coming weeks.

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Get Up and Running Fast with Real-Time Reporting Software

We’re supporting you by reducing the friction of adopting our reporting tools and helping you get the most out of them. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Self-guided installation - Get up and running fast
    This is software that can be up and running, connected to your ERP, and delivering value within a matter of hours. Follow the step-by-step installation instructions to get started.
  • Free report templates - Make sense of your business in uncertain times
    This is software that answers your most urgent questions out-of-the-box. Use one of the 5 pre-built templates to pinpoint hotspots that require attention around spending and cashflow analysis.
  • Free online training - Create custom reports in minutes
    This is software your team will get to grips with immediately. It’s Excel-based, which builds on skills you already have. Join one of our free online daily training sessions to get up to speed right away.
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Use Pre-Built Report Templates to Make Sense of Your Business in Uncertain Times

In an effort to immediately support your needs, we’re sharing a set of templates created by our team. Each template provides more flexibility than your native ERP reports, allowing you to filter on many more fields and to drag additional fields onto the report to answer common questions around cost control:

  • Advanced Payables Aging - Knowing what you owe and where you may be able to extend payments is vital to managing cash on hand. Use these reports to monitor when your debtor liabilities are falling due with daily, weekly, or monthly views.
  • Advanced Receivables Aging - Understanding what cash is due to come in over the next few days, weeks, and months is critical to managing cash flow. Use these reports to forecast future collections using daily, weekly, or monthly buckets for closer monitoring.
  • Vendor Spend Analysis - Go beyond your stock ERP vendor spend report. Get a live view of your actual spend by supplier by day, month, and year. Use to renegotiate terms with high-spend suppliers or diversify to reduce risk.
  • Cash Receipts Analysis - Monitor customer receipts to ensure collections are on track. Track your cash received run rate. Easily refresh to get live updates. Drill from Receipt to Document details for more information.
  • Daily Cashflow Tracking - Combine AP & AR aging with Payments and Collections data to get a daily view of actual and forecast cash entering and leaving your business.
  • GL Wand Report Wizard - Use the Quick Start guide to build common Cost Center Accounting row and column-based reports in Excel in minutes.
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Enable Remote Workers with Self-Service Access to the Information They Need

With many more people pressed into action to help with analysis, technology can play a central role in ensuring employees can work remotely without sacrificing productivity or data security. By providing people with self-service, Excel-based reporting tools, you can help them access accurate, real-time data using existing skills to help them stay productive at work even when they are not physically present.

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Take a free trial of Wands and see for yourself how easily you can access real-time SAP data for easy, self-service financial and operational reporting, without overloading your IT team.

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Ready to Get Started? Here’s What to Do:

We can get you up and running right away in just 5 quick and easy steps:

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Why insightsoftware?

Over 25,000 organizations worldwide rely on insightsoftware’s portfolio of best-in-class reporting, analytics, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and tax solutions to provide them with increased productivity, visibility, and accuracy.

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“If we are put on the spot, GL Wand helps us find answers almost instantly and at the same time makes our department look extremely professional.”

Alasdair Walton
Finance Director Europe


You can use as many licenses of our real-time financial and operational reporting software as you need for the next 60 days for free*. If you want to continue to use some or all of those licenses beyond 60 days, please see pricing below.


$104 /user/month*

  • Build & refresh live FICO reports
  • 17 Pre-built FI/CO balance functions including CCA, PCA, COPA, Daily Customer & Vendor Balances, New GL and Universal Journal (S/4HANA)
  • Drill to document and line item detail
  • Drag & Drop personalization drill-down templates


$187 /user/month*

  • Build & refresh live FICO reports
  • 17 Pre-built FI/CO balance functions including CCA, PCA, COPA, Daily Customer & Vendor Balances, New GL and Universal Journal (S/4HANA)
  • Drill to document and line item detail
  • Drag & Drop personalization drill-down templates
  • Design & refresh live reports leveraging thousands of SAP views**
  • Validate and upload plan data from Excel
  • Automated report distribution (Email/shared drive)

*Based on 10 users. Billed annually.
**Requires S/4HANA or ECC6 with SAP_BASIS 750

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*Promotional Licenses are not available for existing users of Wands for SAP. Subject to availability
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