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With Hubble™ for JDE, access real-time ERP data for easy, self-service reporting, without overloading your IT team.

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The Need to Act Fast

Businesses around the world are under tremendous additional pressure to adapt to a quickly shifting situation. Hubble™ accesses live data to provide fast answers to critical questions, helping you to make sense of rapidly changing conditions with tighter reporting intervals. Go beyond native JD Edwards reporting with deeper, flexible analysis.

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We’re Here to Help

We’re proud that our software empowers teams to work through these challenges. Our commitment to you during these unprecedented times is to provide open access to our financial and operational reporting software and key templates to get you up and running instantly, and to help you navigate these unchartered waters.

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Easy to Install. Easy to Use

Hubble™ for JD Edwards can be installed and have you up and running in less than an hour. You’ll be able to access live JD Edwards data without overloading your IT team. Pre-built report templates will help you get a handle on costs immediately. Free online training will get you up to speed so you can use dozens of pre-built reports immediately, and easily answer ad hoc requests.

Be Ready to Answer Any Question Thrown at You

With a direct, real-time connection to your JD Edwards data, you can report across any module and analyze data by drilling down from summary to transactional detail, without requiring specialist technical knowledge. Get a handle on costs in the short term, access the data you need as input into continually evolving forecasts, and respond quickly to answer new questions that arise over the coming weeks.

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Get Up and Running Fast with Real-Time Reporting Software

We’re supporting you by reducing the friction of adopting our reporting tools and helping you get the most out of them. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Assisted remote installation - Get up and running fast
    This is software that can be up and running, connected to JD Edwards, and delivering value within a matter of hours.
  • Free report templates - Make sense of your business in uncertain times
    This is software that answers your most urgent questions out of the box. Use any of the dozens of delivered pre-built reports to pinpoint hotspots that require attention around spending.
  • Free online training – Learn to create your own reports fast
    This is software your team will get to grips with immediately. It’s built with the non-technical end user in mind, without need for detailed ERP knowledge. Join one of our free online training sessions to get up to speed right away.
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Use Pre-Built Reports to Make Sense of Your Business in Uncertain Times

In an effort to immediately support your needs, we’re sharing a set of pre-built reports created by our team. Each report provides more flexibility than your native JD Edwards reports, allowing you to filter on many more fields and include additional fields on the report to answer common questions around cost control. Examples include:

  • AP Cash Forecast - Understand projected cash usage related to AP by month, with the ability to run the report “as of” any chosen date.
  • Aged Debt Percentage Over 30 Days KPI - This KPI Metric shows the percentage of your AR Aged Debt that is more than 30 days overdue, with traffic lighting showing green when it is below five percent, amber between five and ten percent, and red for over ten percent.
  • AP Discounts Lost - List of payments where discounts were available but not taken, with the ability to run “as of” any chosen date.
  • Departmental Spend Analysis - View business unit by object account comparing actual versus budget variances.
  • Sales Orders Shipped but Not Invoiced - Show sales orders that have been shipped but not invoiced, affecting your order to cash performance.
  • SOP Margin by Customer - List the gross margin by customer for the invoice date range selected.
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Enable Remote Workers with Self-Service Access to the Information They Need

With many more people pressed into action to help with analysis, technology can play a central role in ensuring employees can work remotely without sacrificing productivity or data security. By providing people with self-service reporting tools, you can help them access accurate, real-time data to stay productive at work even when not physically present.

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Over 25,000 organizations worldwide rely on insightsoftware’s portfolio of best-in-class reporting, analytics, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and tax solutions to provide them with increased productivity, visibility, and accuracy.

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“A user can use Hubble™ without knowing JD Edwards tables and Business Views which is very much essential for a technical report writer in JD Edwards. The inbuilt templates help the user to just query their required information.”

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