Spreadsheet Server for MRI

Shave 30% to 60% Off Your MRI Platform x Reporting Time

Spreadsheet Server – MRI Edition is an MRI Partner Connect solution that offers enhanced, user-friendly, Excel-based reporting for all Platform X customers. Speed up reporting and increase data reliability and accuracy by eliminating manual processes and removing the reliance on IT to create reports. This means you spend less time exporting and formatting data, leaving more time for value-added analysis. 

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Create Custom Reports From MRI Data Within Excel

Spreadsheet Server – MRI Edition lets real-estate professionals work in an environment they’re already familiar with: Microsoft Excel. With just basic Excel knowledge, users can build comprehensive reports and dashboards using live data that refreshes at the click of a button, so they’re always looking at the most up-to-date information.  

spreadsheet for mri

SpreadSheet Server for MRI

Create and distribute reports to track key performance indicators, including revenue per square foot and occupancy rate. Combine information from GL with other MRI modules including Lease and Investment Management or with data from other systems within one report. 


budget accelerator

Budget Accelerator

Streamline the budgeting cycle for property management and accounting using the familiarity of Excel to create and distribute lease-level budget models to property managers, with full role-based security. Track variances between budgets and actuals in real-time to avoid any surprises at month-end. 


spreadsheet with intellicast

SpreadSheet Server With Intellicast

Share easy-to-use, drillable visualizations based on trusted data with property managers, asset managers and investors so they can analyze the financial profitability of individual properties or their entire portfolio.

A 360° Financial Solution

Report & Analyze
Budget & Forecast
Distribute & Share

Report and Analyze

Uncover what’s truly going on with real-time, drillable reporting that lets you spend less time preparing and formatting data, leaving more time for value-added analysis.


Budget and Forecast

Create, distribute, collate, load, and analyze budgets—better and faster—from inside the familiar Excel environment.

Distribute and Share

Distribute financial and operational information to a wider audience as interactive visualizations that non-ERP users can readily understand and act upon.


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