Spreadsheet Server for JD Edwards

Create drillable JD Edwards reports in Excel in minutes

This fast, flexible, user-friendly, Excel-based reporting solution for JD Edwards (JDE) customers installs in a matter of hours and, with its shallow learning curve, business users will quickly be creating refreshable reports against any module using their existing Excel skills.  With flexible drill down built into every report, users can quickly find and fix issues, then upload their changes back to JDE, without ever leaving Excel. 

Analysis dashboard

Fast, Flexible, End-User Reporting for Any JDE Module

Spreadsheet Server is a breath of fresh air for JDE customers who find One View Reporting (OVR) limited, expensive, and slow. Spreadsheet Server is built for end-users, so there is no more waiting for IT to create and modify reports. It’s flexible, so you’ll no longer be hampered by OVRs restrictive grid layouts, and you can combine data from any module, so no need to commission expensive JDE customizations to create the reporting views you need. 

spreadsheet server

Spreadsheet Server

Create new reports in minutes, without waiting for IT. Lay out your data the way you want, mixing and matching fields from multiple JDE modules and other sources in one report for expanded analysis. Answer more questions by not only drilling into journals and balances, but also across modules to support sub-ledger reconciliations.

spreadsheet writeback

Spreadsheet Writeback

Upload data from Microsoft Excel to JD Edwards Enterprise One quickly and easily through a simple interface. Streamline the upload of journal entries and create, delete, or modify data from any Enterprise One module to eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual uploads. 


budget accelerator

Budget Accelerator

Take control of your JDE budgeting and forecasting process to develop timely, accurate, and consistent models faster, leaving more time for analysis and strategic planning.

spreadsheet with intellicast

Spreadsheet Server with Intellicast

Publish a trusted, single version of the truth from JDE data to a wider, non-finance audience in the form of easy-to-understand interactive visualizations, so everyone has consistent information to make informed decisions.

A 360° Financial Solution

Report & Analyze
Budget & Forecast
Upload & Post
Distribute & Share

Report and Analyze

Uncover what’s truly going on with real-time, drillable reporting that lets you spend less time preparing and formatting data, leaving more time for value-added analysis.


Budget and Forecast

Create, distribute, collate, load, and analyze budgets—better and faster—from inside the familiar Excel environment.

Upload and Post

Eliminate cumbersome, error-prone processes for uploading budget plans or large batches of journals into your ERP. Create, delete, or modify data from any module quickly and easily through a simple Excel interface to accelerate your accounting cycle.


Distribute and Share

Distribute financial and operational information to a wider audience as interactive visualizations that non-ERP users can readily understand and act upon.


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