Do You Need a Faster Way to Leverage Power BI’s Robust Data Visualizations?

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You Don’t Have Time to Find the Right Data and Piece it Together

ERP systems were built to collect data, not report on it. There’s no way you have the time or inclination to memorize the thousands of tables in your ERP to get the right numbers from Power BI.

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Everyone Needs the Same Version of the Truth

You’re not the only one that needs to make data-driven decisions, so you need to make sure everyone is using the same set of numbers and can see them in a way that quickly identifies solutions.

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Multiple Data Sources Makes Things Complicated

Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle EBS, JD Edwards, legacy systems, Excel—your data might live in multiple locations, but that doesn’t mean accessing it with Power BI should be complicated or expensive.

Reduce the Time it Takes to Get Accurate and Controlled Data By 80%

Easily Create Dashboards That Drive Results

You don’t have to be an IT expert in leveraging Power BI dashboards. Anyone in your organization can quickly and easily create stunning dashboards inside Power BI using organized, secure data without complicated and time-consuming data models or technical expertise.

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Manage Multiple Data Sources

Easy to access and easy to use, insightsoftware offers business intelligence solutions that deliver a fast, flexible data warehouse and analytics platform with a single, seamless set of data optimized for the user experience inside Power BI. This combination allows for consistent decision making with the powerful visualization your users want. Everyone sees the data through the same scope.

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Build Confidence, Insight, and Trust

Attractive visualizations help to quickly identify trends and spot anomalies, painting the bigger picture of your business operations. Advanced security and controls ensure that the right users have access to the right data, the way they need to see it. Also, you aren’t limited to Power BI exclusively, because you can leverage Excel, Office 365, and mobile applications as needed.

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