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How do you succeed in real estate? Outperform your competitors. That may sound simplistic, yet many real estate ventures only understand their performance in terms of major wins and losses. Which is to say: They understand the outcome but not the cause.

What circumstances led to closing a big deal or watching that same deal go to the closest competitor? Plenty of real estate ventures can assume what the answers may be, but few can point empirically to aspects of performance that explain the end result. Consequently, these intuition-driven ventures tend to repeat their mistakes instead of steadily expanding their real estate footprint.

What does it take to understand real estate performance in depth? First, you need the right numbers, the ones that speak the loudest about the firm’s past performance and future prospects. Second, you need a method for tracking those numbers so they remain up to date and accurate enough for decision making. Without both elements, tracking real estate performance becomes either overwhelming or unreliable.

However, when the right numbers feed into a system that automatically analyzes the data and organizes it into a dashboard display, it takes little effort on your part to monitor the most important aspects of performance.

Instead of imaging what this capability looks like, interact with a real estate dashboard created by the financial reporting innovators at insightsoftware. This tool demonstrates what it’s like to have the latest and greatest data collected in one place and updated in real time. How would this dashboard affect your own decision-making process? Download this free dashboard to find out.

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