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Property management firms are in the business of real estate but, like all businesses, they’re driven by accounting. Success or failure depends less on having a gorgeous portfolio of properties and more on careful financial management and dutiful tracking of every dollar.
Unfortunately, great financial oversight is hard to maintain in an industry like property management with high volumes of fast-moving data full of complex and sometimes contradictory insights. Precise financial management may be an obligation, but it doesn’t have to be an obstacle. With purpose-built financial reporting tools from insightsoftware, decision-makers have the information they need most with little to no effort spent acquiring it.

Tracking KPIs runs largely on autopilot so that decision-makers can spend less time looking for data and more time acting on what they discover. What would this tool look like in your own organization? Find out for free. Download a property management KPI dashboard from insightsoftware to experience the look and feel of high-level financial management.

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