Sample Report

FTE – Trend Analysis

Fte Trend Analysis Example Dashboard

Employee-related costs and FTE trend analysis within one single report.

This report enables organizations to effectively monitor the employee-related costs and headcount in a single table view, 12-month rolling information is available in the graph to easily spot trends.

The wizard will walk you through the definition and assignment of your employee-related items and provides the ability to define the dimension breakdown used in the chart. The format and layout of each chart can be then further customized to suit your organizational needs. This is a great starting point to focus your organization’s FTE review in the right direction.

The dynamic design of the report allows the end user of the report to change various POV selectors such as Entity and Reference Scenario. The selections made in the POV and the row selected in the table will interact with all the charts and corresponding titles will be updated automatically.

The report visualization works perfectly with stacked bars, therefore we recommend to add a stacked format. How to adjust the format setting, is depicted in one of the print-screens.

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