Sample Report

Data and Commentary Sign-Off (Narrative Template)

Data And Commentary Sign Off Example Dashboard

A narrative template to keep track of progress

This narrative template is used by our client Achmea to keep track of both the data reviewing and commentary submission process. Once you’ve downloaded this narrative template in the top table you will be able to enter the ‘sign-off date’ per entity. In the commentary table you have the option to keep track of commentary submission per report and per region. Just click on the report and a redirect will lead you to the report to immediately submit a comment.

The only step in the wizard is selecting a source system. Click on finish and the report will be automatically added to you application!

Make sure that you have the Year and Period dimension in the POV. Use these dimensions also for your narrative key. This way you can use this overview each month! The narrative template can be changed after adding it to you application: you can add reports to it, change the entity names and remove the crosses and checks.

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