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Cash Receipts Analysis

Header Oracle Applied Receipts

Monitor customer receipts to ensure collections are on track. Track your cash received run rate. Easily refresh to get live updates. Drill from Receipt to the transaction lines for more information. This report extends on the standard Oracle Receipts Register report by including the customer transaction number in addition to the receipt information.

The types of reports you can create include:

  • Receipt reports used for reconciling bank statement transactions with customer accounts
  • Receipts reports used to assist with identifying customers who should be sent collections letters


insightsoftware Starter Pack—Wands for Oracle

The insightsoftware starter pack for Wands is a set of templates that enable you to closely monitor costs and cash flows in uncertain times. Wands for Oracle is tightly integrated with your Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) system and automatically understands your setup, from inheriting security to understanding hierarchies.

Wands for Oracle is purpose-built for Oracle EBS using familiar terminology and designs that make it easy for finance users to learn and use. Build GL reports using your existing Excel skills in minutes. Use the GetBalance functions to define the account balances you want to return by filtering on parameters such as period, balance type, and your Accounting Key Flexfield segments (GL Account, Company, etc.).

Utilize 75 packaged Advanced insights queries to access real-time subledger data in Excel across Financials or leverage the thousands of EBS database views as a starting point for any EBS module. All prebuilt templates allow you to easily drag popular additional fields onto the report or use a wizard to add fields not included in the template without writing any SQL code. Each template provides more flexibility than your Oracle standard reports, allowing you to filter on any of the returned fields and drill down to transaction or related data, all within Excel.

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Product: Wands Data Source: Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Type: Report Role: Finance