Sample Report

12 Months View – Variance to Year Total

12 Months View Variance To Year Total Example Dashboard

Explore your full year objectives with the 12 months variance to company current Financial Year view projected forward to end of the financial year.

When your organization is asking for a detailed analysis of current year results compared to Budget, Forecast or Latest Estimates this report will be helpful. With this new template, a fast and efficient review of each of your organization’s objectives will be possible. This template effectively combines a summarized P&L with a periodic review combined with upcoming months and concludes with a variance to a full year reference scenario.

Different highlights will be used to visualize the variance to FY, Actual and reference scenario.

Once downloaded the wizard will walk you through the selection of your P&L list and assist you with the comparative (actual vs. reference) selection.

Change the POV dimension name into ‘Ref Scenario’ to use this dimension to compare the actual scenario with the selection made in the POV. Use a list for the POV with the only applicable scenarios.

Change the table header into a ‘single layer’ to enhance the look and feel of the final report created.


  • “VariableName”: “@CAT_Actual”
  • “VariableName”: “@VIW_Periodic”
  • “VariableName”: “@VIW_YTD”
  • “VariableName”: “@PER_Last”
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