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HP Vertica Database

HP Vertica is an analytic database management software company. Vertica is a columnar data storage platform designed to handle large volumes of data, which enables very fast query performance in traditionally intensive scenarios. The product improves query performance over traditional database relational database systems, provides high-availability, and petabyte scalability on commodity enterprise servers.

HP Vertica is also part of the HP Haven platform, which is focused on analytics big data sources, including petabytes of structured and unstructured information. The integration of IDOL and HP Vertica within HP Haven allows users to connect to a variety of business, machine, and human data sources and perform both standard and predictive analysis.

HP Vertica’s platform design features include:

  • Columnar data storage organization
  • Standard SQL interface with many analytics capabilities built in
  • Compression to reduce storage costs
  • Support for standard programming interfaces
  • High performance and parallel data transfer
  • Ability to store machine learning models and use them for database scoring