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Automated Business Alerts

Critical Information via Automated Business Alerts

An alert is an automated message or notification sent via email, pager, etc., which indicates that a predefined event or error condition has occurred and that some action is needed.

Alerts allow users to receive critical business information in the quickest and most efficient possible way. For example, a store manager can be automatically informed when in-stock levels of a critical items fall below or rise above a certain level.

Benefits of Automated Business Alerts

Today’s better BI solutions you can set up custom alerts to get critical information to the right people at the right time. Developers can easily set up automatic alerts and notifications to be sent to certain users when specific data values or conditions occur in a report. For example, if inventory levels are critically low, an alert can be sent to the appropriate line manager to take appropriate action, or if a sales amount is over $1M, a notification can be sent to the sales support staff and relevant management team members.