Women & Wellness: Beyond the Bottom Line

0009 Webinar Women & Wellness Beyond The Bottom Line

Today, women’s lifelong financial wellness is at a tipping point. Women have come a long way personally, professionally and financially, but when it comes to finances, there’s still considerable work to be done to level the playing field.

Please join Cyndi Hutchins and Sheila Gorman of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and Judy Ash of insightsoftware, as they examine the specific financial challenges women face across their lifetimes and offers potential solutions and actions for funding the present and future. This webinar will drill down into the following:

  • Discover why the wealth gap is the biggest challenge we’re not talking about enough
  • Identify women’s number one financial regret
  • Understand why women need to be planning for 100+ year life
  • Learn how the pay gap accumulates throughout a women’s lifetime
  • Explore how women’s diverse life journeys come with meaningful rewards and challenges

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