What’s New: Longview 21.1 Product Release

05 2021 Webinar Lv 21.1 Whatsnew Resource

As a valued insightsoftware customer, we would like to invite you to join us for an interactive webinar with Jamie Eagan, VP of Longview Product Management, to learn about updates and enhancements at the platform level, as well as specific product level updates for Longview.

The Longview 21.1 release introduces several new features; such as new audit reports and REST APIs for enhanced data integration. In addition to the current release, we will share product roadmap initiatives for the near-to -medium term that will drive additional value to our customers through their feedback and changes in the market.

Key highlights of this release will cover:

  • User security and audit reports
  • New REST APIs for data integration
  • Tax application consolidation
  • Enhancement to Manage Allocation Patterns
  • Platform Rebranding

Please join us and be sure to ask your questions during the webinar.

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