What Are The Forecasting Best Practices Of Transformation Leaders?

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FSN’s 2022 research finds that 90% of finance functions see financial forecasting as the number one application requiring investment to the end of the decade. Yet the penetration of advanced accounting techniques and tools means that many organizations will be starting their journey from a relatively low base.

Indeed, 37% of finance functions say they are “technology constrained” i.e., do not have the tech-savvy resources and technology to make progress and a further 44% say they do not have the data they need to drive insight, or feel overwhelmed by too many conflicting data sources.

However, around 12% of “transformation leaders” manage to work through these issues and come out the other side with quicker and more accurate forecasts.

So the obvious question is what do transformation leaders do differently to give them this edge? How can we learn from their best practices?

Watch this session to hear how Josh Schauer, VP of Finance at insightsoftware and one such transformation leader, has introduced forecasting best practices that continue to support his finance function through an ambitious acquisition programme.

In this 30-minute webinar Gary Simon, chief executive, FSN, will discuss with Josh how insightsoftware has achieved a continuous forecasting process across multiple international entities providing the parent company, lending syndicate and executive team with dependable future guidance against the backcloth of turbulent and challenging trading conditions.


  • Gary Simon is CEO of FSN, he is a fellow of the ICAEW and a fellow of the British Computer Society with more than 30 years’ experience of implementing management and financial reporting systems. He is the author of four books and a popular independent speaker on market developments. He was formerly a partner in Deloitte for more than 16 years.
  • Josh Schauer has extensive expertise in financial reporting and analysis, budgeting, and forecasting. In his current role as VP of Finance at insightsoftware, Josh consolidates and analyses financial results across multiple international entities in multiple currencies, reporting out monthly, quarterly, and annually to the parent company, lending syndicate and executive team. He is responsible for the annual budget and weekly forecasting at a departmental and consolidated level. Josh supports business operations through analysis of key performance indicators and trends, while providing robust modelling and reporting to facilitate executive-level decision making.

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