Wands for SAP v21.2 Product Release Review

05 2021 Wands Webinar Wands For Sap Cust Rsc

In this 45-minute webinar, our Senior SAP Solutions Engineer, Mark Pockl, will review the latest features and functionality included with Version 21.2 of Wands for SAP.

You can expect to see a brief overview of the new Fiori tile launcher and where to find it, some in-app branding changes we’ve made, as well as a preview of what’s on the horizon for future Wands for SAP releases.

We’ll then deep dive into the new wizard-based query designer, where Mark will demonstrate how to:

  • Create a new report definition screen with information about the report
  • Select the SAP table(s) you want to add to your report definition
  • Join tables by matching fields when using more than one SAP table
  • Increase report processing efficiency by defining required input parameters for your report definition
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