Value-Based Budgeting, Because Zero Isn’t Valuable

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Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) is becoming increasingly popular as organizations look to maintain a tighter control over costs, rather than taking a more traditional top-down approach based on the previous year’s spending. When implemented well, ZBB is an effective tool to transform budget conversations into a strategic discussion focused on business value. However, all too often the way an organization applies ZBB misses this realization of value. Without value, cuts must continue.

Download this complimentary Gartner research article, to discover:

  • How to adopt value-based budgeting
  • How to prioritize spending to focus on the most valuable business outcomes
  • How to hold business leaders accountable for identifying and reducing spend on low-yield activities
  • How to develop dynamic budgets for business-driven costs



Gartner, Value-Based Budgeting, Because Zero Isn’t Valuable, Stewart Buchanan, 1 July 2020

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