Unlocking the Power of Spreadsheet Server’s Platinum License

Unlocking The Power Of Platinum Jet Resource D365 Finance And Ops

Success in the construction industry is all about maximizing profits. But without full visibility into your Spectrum data, this can be a challenge. Spreadsheet Server gives Spectrum users the power to streamline financial reporting, planning, and forecasting while also automating critical operational reports like job cost and WIP.

Watch our on-demand webinar, Unlocking the Power of Platinum, to see how to automate your financial and operational reports with Spreadsheet Server’s Platinum license. Discover the features that over 1,000 Viewpoint customers are using to improve their reporting including:

  • Pre-built reports specific to Spectrum users, your most critical reports automated at your fingertips
  • Query Designer, allowing you to go against any table of Spectrum data and easily build reports across any operational data set
  • Distribution Manager, eliminate the time-consuming task of printing, copying, and emailing information to end users by automating report distribution from inside Excel

Watch this webinar to learn how to automate and save hours on your Spectrum reporting by unlocking the power of Spreadsheet Server’s platinum license!

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