insightsoftware’s Top 7 Microsoft Dynamics Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms

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The right business intelligence software will help you improve process efficiency, gain insights into your performance and customers, enhance employee productivity, get you closer to achieving your business goals, and ultimately, improve your bottom line. When you select the wrong business intelligence solution for your business goals and users, the cost overages and operational disruption will get in the way of ever experiencing the true power of visual analytics and data-driven decision making.

At insightsoftware, we want to help you do your software selection due diligence and find the best fitting solution for your business needs. In this whitepaper, you will learn how to fully prepare for your BI journey, which includes:

  • Associated risks and costs to be aware of in BI software
  • Who the top 7 BI software vendors are in the Microsoft Dynamics channel
  • 5 areas of BI functionality that are critical to success
  • Full comparison of top 7 BI solutions with critical BI functionality
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