Top 10 Ways to Make Your Business Reports IBCS Compliant

Top 10 Quick Wins For Your Reporting Rsc

Business reports are used in a variety of contexts, and are created by multiple departments, often in isolation, for many purposes. Each department tends to customize their reports in the way they believe most effectively transmits their ideas and the underlying data; however, too much creative diversity can have the opposite effect. When executives and analysts rely on many different reports to draw insights and make decisions, standardization becomes much more important than creative differentiation.

This was the main driver for the creation of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS). This 150-page document outlines best practices for the design of reports, presentations, and dashboards, including the content, visual perception, and application of semantic notation.

Rather than reading the whole set of guidelines, you can tune into this webinar, which will teach you:

  • The top 10 guidelines to follow when rolling out a standardized reporting format for your organization
  • Simple adjustments to make when displaying time periods, variances, and scales on your reports
  • What to look for in reporting software to ensure it’s IBCS compliant
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