The Ultimate JDE Reporting, Planning, and Analytics Tool

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What if you could integrate all your critical business systems so that users at all levels have access to live data and automated reporting, planning, and budgeting? This type of visibility allows finance teams to exercise control over business data to easily understand, manage, and predict business results, which means data-driven business decisions.

Join our Product Specialist, Cuan de Vries, on April 28 at 1 pm to discover how to make this a reality and explore how you can streamline your JDE reporting, planning, and analytics all in one place. During this webinar, he will also walk you through a single integrated real-time solution that fully understands JDE and provides:

  • A faster way to build reports with hundreds of pre-built templates
  • Drill-down in real time
  • Live actuals and budgets side by side to spot variances immediately
  • Steps to simplify budget entry and workflow, and upload your planning data back into JDE
  • Web-based dashboards for visual analytics

You’ll see a live demonstration, customer examples, and common issues JDE customers experience, and proof as to why insightsoftware is your ultimate alternative to native JDE reporting.

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