The New Rules of JD Edwards Real Estate Reporting

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The New Rules of JD Edwards Real Estate Reporting

According to an IBM study, one in three business leaders make decisions without the information they need, and 53% of people don’t have access to the data they require to do their jobs.

Real estate companies have some of the most complex ERP reporting requirements. And unfortunately, they seem to be most accepting of broken and ineffienct reporting processes. They need flexible rent roll information which can be augmented easily to answer questions the moment they are needed. Unfortunately, getting information out of even the best enterprise resource planning system (ERP) is notoriously difficult. In this eBook, we will uncover why real estate professionals struggle to manage their business information and provide the true solve to this dilemma with practical and adaptable approaches.

Download this eBook to learn about:

  • The reports you must have visibility into as a real estate management company
  • Why native ERP reporting is no longer suitable to meet your needs
  • The challenges with IT building all of your custom reports
  • The challenges with dumping ERP data into spreadsheets
  • The challenges with building a data warehouse
  • How to solve the root causes of your reporting troubles
  • How to enable your users to answer all of their ever-changing questions with the 4 rules of real estate reporting


Every real estate organization has the ability to quickly, and effortlessly get what they need from JDE with the right approach to performnce management. Schedule a complimentary demo of Hubble to learn more about how you can achieve optimal performance with streamlined Hubble reporting processes.

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