The Implications of Automating Tax Management in an Era of Global Change

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A unique combination of evolving tax regimes and regulations, disruption to global trade triggered by the pandemic, a strengthening focus on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda, and increasingly powerful technologies is bringing about change for multinational companies and their tax teams.
It’s also creating an exciting opportunity to completely reset multinational enterprises’ (MNEs) approach to tax planning and forecasting by investing in high performance software. This will enable tax teams and professionals to add significant value to their organizations.
In this white paper, we look at the following aspects of how to automate tax management in preparation for further changes that lie ahead:

  • Tax and Transfer Pricing Software: The Current State of Play
  • An Uncertain Future for MNEs: The Great Tax Reset
  • The Growth of Automation and Analytics
  • Making Tax and Transfer Pricing Strategic

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