The Future of Financial Reporting, Change Management, and the Virtual Workforce

The Future Of Financial Reporting, Change Management, And The Virtual Workforce

Finance is on its own evolving journey of change and digitalisation, accompanied by increasing regulatory involvement in financial reporting. There is now the added dimension of potentially a more remote workforce than ever before. Against this backdrop, as with any situation in life, there is always the opportunity for positive change and a better future than the past.

In this 30-minute session, Lorraine Venter, insightsoftware, and Adrian van der Merwe, Sonum International Africa will: 

  • Explore how leading CFO’s adapt to the challenges of 2020, including process changes in financial reporting and ways to improve risk management for regulatory reporting. 
  • Discuss facilitating the remote workforce at reporting time, irrespective of the frequency of your reporting timelines.
  • Examine how cloud technology can provide the solution to join all of the various elements together.

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