Take Control of Your NetSuite Reporting Without IT or Saved Searches

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Native custom reports within NetSuite are inflexible and require IT to modify. The NetSuite solution, saved searches, are more flexible than native reports, and finance users can create simple searches themselves. More complex searches that span more than two entities—for example, to answer operational reporting questions around payables or receivables—typically require more technical knowledge on the level of a NetSuite administrator or IT.

So, if you want to run operational and financial reports, create a specifically formatted report, or do comparative reporting all while avoiding the time-consuming process of dumping data into Excel, watch this on-demand webinar in which we will show you how to:

  • Work with near real-time NetSuite data to instantly provide your organization with clear and accurate views of your finances and operations
  • Create on-demand reports to support decisions that will drive business growth
  • Analyze period-on-period reports that refresh in seconds
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