Take Charge of Business Processes Beyond the Scope of Finance and Controlling

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As a Wands for SAP customer, you have FICO reporting covered. Your historical analysis is on point, but sometimes questions arise from your financial postings. You need a way to identify the root cause and analyze your organization’s business processes. It’s critical for Finance to have awareness and understanding of all activities that have an impact on the general ledger.

Operational reporting is an effective, results-driven means of tracking, measuring, and analyzing your business’s regular deliverables and metrics. But many finance professionals find themselves struggling to make do with ill-fitted operational reporting tools. In a recent insightsoftware survey, only 11% of finance professionals said they are happy with their current tools. If you can relate to this struggle, you’re likely part of the other 89% of finance professionals working with operational reporting tools that weren’t designed to meet their needs. Or worse, the operational reports you provide to the business just aren’t up to par.

With insightsoftware’s Angles for SAP, your entire organization can explore all your company’s SAP data, not just what’s in the FICO modules, with a tool that provides near real-time access within a business-rich context. Join this webinar to discover how you can overcome common limitations of operational reporting and instead:

  • Enhance financial reporting with operational data to make better decisions.
  • Analyze processes across the entire value chain with hundreds of calculated fields specifically designed to enrich your organization’s data.
  • Provide an easy-to-use, self-service interface with built-in ERPsmarts for business users to create reports or dashboards.
  • Quickly extract your production SAP data and implement a contextual understanding of company data without having to go to data analysts or IT.
  • Empower your finance team and other departments across your organization with pre-built content across multiple processes.

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