Stock Plan Strategies: Lessons Learned After a Rocky Q1

0012 Webinar Tracking Profit Interest Units For Your Llc Mlp

As the market comes off a volatile Q1/Q2, what does this mean for your stock plan? We’ll review lessons learned in light of the current environment but also provide strategies for stock plans moving forward.

Join Stephanie Kelly and Chip Bauder of Raymond James and Don Gillotti of insightsoftware for this one hour on-demand session, as they share their first-hand experiences and give expert advice on stock plans as we navigate into Q3.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about 83B elections and if they are a good idea
  • Explore the value of diversification and exercising stock options
  • Discover alternative ways to hedge a concentrated stock position
  • Learn how to manage downside risks by utilizing 10b5-1 plans
  • Discuss the importance of a company-provided dedicated broker

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