Stay in Excel for Your PeopleSoft Reporting, But Make It Easy and Self-Service

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PeopleSoft nVision lets you work in Excel, but it still leaves too much of the heavy lifting to power users and your IT department when it comes to report creation and maintenance, and it only reports from the General Ledger (GL). You want to spend less time formatting reports and queries, and submitting endless tickets to IT for report requests, and more time on strategic analysis and improvements.

There are 3 key components you need to get to this position:

  • Fast, easy access to real-time data in Excel that intuitively joins the data in PeopleSoft you need most, including subledgers
  • Pre-built templates and content that work with PeopleSoft out-of-the-box
  • An intuitive platform that simply builds on your staff’s knowledge of Excel without requiring highly technical knowledge for query building

Join us for a conversational hour-long webinar where we’ll show you:

  • How Spreadsheet Server from insightsoftware enables ordinary users to build their own custom, drillable reports (from summary to transactions) with live data from the GL and subledgers
  • How to get near instantaneous time-to-value from a solution that installs in hours and has a library of templates and content to get you building reports just minutes after installation
  • An easier way to stay in trusted Excel, without having to rely upon your IT department or a small group of power users for your reporting needs
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