Simplify Excel Reporting in the Controller’s Office

09 2021 Webinar Simplifyexcelreportingincontrollersoffice Website Resource

As a Hubble customer, your organization has the best tool when it comes to web reporting, report distribution, report drill down, and governed reporting to comply with your Sarbanes-Oxley obligations. But what about the requests that you and your colleagues in Controllership often deal with for ad-hoc inquiries that require data from multiple sources? If you’re still using static spreadsheets to answer these requests, then you’re aware just how much this process can eat into precious time that could be better spent on value-added analysis. So, if you’re looking for a product with the familiarity of Excel that offers more automation than static spreadsheets, the answer might be closer than you think.

Join us for our webinar where Senior Solutions Engineer, Kevin Gibson will discuss how your office can utilize Spreadsheet Server to complement Hubble and streamline your Excel reporting.

Discover how Spreadsheet Server enables you to:

  • Access live ERP data from multiple sources directly in Excel, with no more manual downloads
  • Easily respond to one-off requests, quickly freeing up time for Hubble Designer users
  • Refresh data at any time to automate recurring Excel reports
  • Eliminate risks associated with manual data entry and editing
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