Secure Collaboration: Building High-Frequency, Multi-Author Narrative Reports Remotely

04 2021 Webinar Securecollaboration Resource (1)

With remote working becoming the norm, validating your numbers and narrative might feel even harder than when you were in the office, with late changes almost impossible to handle. This can’t be the right process. You need a better way of creating your external regulatory reports and internal narrative reports.

When it comes to collaborating around high-frequency, multi-author, recurring reports, successful organizations have already discovered that strong narrative reporting requires a centralized disclosure management solution to manage and validate data collection across multiple sources, automatically notify stakeholders when tasks have been completed, regulate workflows around all reporting milestones, and track versions at every level of the report with detailed audit trails.

In this webinar, we will provide finance and accounting leaders with insight into how a centralized solution can support collaboration for both people and data with the controls you need to ensure a consistent and stress-free reporting experience.

Areas to be covered in this webinar include:

  • Saving time and increasing accuracy with automated data and validations
  • Streamlining document creation by managing workflows and due dates
  • Ensuring all documents are consistent and accurate with version control, shared content, and audit trails
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