Reports that Improve Job Sustainability, Productivity and Profits with Spreadsheet Server

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10 2021 Webinar Social Viewpoint Q4 Resource

Are you looking for a way to improve your job sustainability, productivity and profits within Trimble Viewpoint’s ERP? We know it can be difficult, tedious and time-consuming to manually pull a ton of Excel data while trying to be as productive and profitable as you can plus focusing on other tasks. We promise you are not alone!

In a recent study with Hanover Research, insightsoftware found that construction finance teams spend over 25% of each week producing financial statements instead of focusing their time elsewhere on more important tasks.

As one of Trimble Viewpoints featured partners, insightsoftware has an easy integration solution for you, Spreadsheet Server! Imagine exchanging 60% of the time you spend pulling manual reports today, for real-time instant access to your data. Spreadsheet Server can help you gain quick, data-driven insights about profitability within your company.

Join us as our solution team members Nic Carroll and Sue Maloney deep dive into:

  • Proven research showing how other construction financial teams deal with these struggles
  • What is different about Spreadsheet Server and how it helps boost your job sustainability, productivity and profits with real-time data, instantly
  • A sneak peek into our newest software, Bizview, which helps with planning, budgeting and forecasting for 2022

Learn how to spend less time manually reporting on construction job sustainability, productivity and profits and more time analyzing the results – sign up for the webinar now!

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