Refreshable MRI Reports for Real-Time Insights

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If you’re feeling frustrated with the limitations of your current reporting tools and are unable to run up-to-date, customizable reports, you’re not alone. Many MRI users find themselves relying on Excel and spend too much time manually reformatting static data, ultimately leaving very little time for analysis to gather rich insights. It’s time to get connected to near real-time data and experience The Connect Effect.

In this webinar, “Refreshable MRI Reports for Real-Time Insights,” we will demonstrate how to:

  • Build customizable reports and dashboards. Quickly build comprehensive reports and sophisticated dashboards without relying on IT.
  • Improve visibility into analyzing your data. Connect the dots across your organization with near real-time data and drill-down functionality.
  • Consolidate and connect your data. Get the full-picture view by connecting all your data sources in one place with the click of a button.

Learn how insightsoftware can empower you to exercise control over your MRI financial reporting by eliminating unreliable spreadsheets that take more than they give.

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