Pyschopathic CEO

0002 Webinar Pyschopathic Ceo

In our current environment of uncertainty, leadership actions and decisions will drive how we navigate through the crisis and what the world looks like post-crisis. That fact can be comforting or unnerving depending upon the leader under consideration. Consider this quote:

“He is a charismatic leader who inspires people to follow him. A strategic thinker who can master the details. A tireless worker with incredible focus and problem-solving skills. He is well-liked by his employees but is also able to make and execute unpopular decisions. Above all, he is an exceptional communicator who can convey a vision to any audience, from Wall Street to the most junior employee.”

The quote above could describe an ideal CEO. Join insightsoftware, CEO, Jorge Martin and President and CEO of The CFO Leadership Council, Jack McCullough in this on-demand webinar, as they discuss the striking comparison between psychopaths and corporate executives. They will also discuss why preserving a culture of openness and trust during these times can be critical to maintaining an effective workforce.

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