Private Company Cap Table Reporting

Private Company Cap Table Reporting

In the early stages of gathering funding and managing equity, it can be difficult to gain a comprehensive, real-time view of your capitalization structure. Cumbersome spreadsheets and disconnected systems can leave you sifting through old records and trying to reconcile data between multiple systems.

Certent simplifies all the crucial aspects of your ownership structure — with a unique focus on streamlining the reporting components. You can consolidate your ownership picture in a central hub that provides unique reports highlighting your security transactions, detail and summary cap table information, and ownership reporting — as well as waterfall analysis support for exit scenario modeling and scenario modeling for future rounds of funding.

Certent helps you manage your funding rounds, including convertible debt and SAFE agreements, manage employee equity awards, and perform shareholder analysis like never before. With detailed reporting capabilities, you will have all the data needed to make decisions and communicate quickly. Certent’s comprehensive set of reports and analytical tools provide snapshot views of your ownership, so you can give your investors and various stakeholders the information they need when they need it.

Certent’s waterfall functionality allows you to quickly analyze, model, and communicate exit scenarios with graphical reports identifying payout and decision analysis for each class of security at any exit amount. These reports can easily be shared with investors. Certent also supports modeling for future rounds of funding, comparing term sheets, and identifying the most beneficial outcome by class and current stakeholders.

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