Overcome the Limitations of Yardi’s Native Reporting Tools

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Yardi’s out-of-the-box reporting tools limit finance teams’ access to data in a meaningful and actionable way. Whether you’re using Yardi’s screen-based SQL, YSR, or SSRS – it’s likely you find yourself unable to quickly compile all your data into an agile, customizable report.

What would your reporting capabilities look like if you optimized your processes end-to-end, all while staying in Excel?

In this webinar, we will explore the common challenges Yardi users face when it comes to their financial reporting and analytics and the role your reporting solution plays in your success. From data consolidation to the monthly report building and sharing, all your processes could be automated and curated to your team’s needs.

Key topics include:

  • Challenges with Yardi’s default options. From manual data exports, granular data limitations, and technical, costly reports, uncover the obstacles many Yardi users face.
  • Customizable reports to improve data analysis. Say goodbye to canned reporting and analysis capabilities. Connect the dots across your organization with near real-time data and drill-down functionality into the transactional level of your data.
  • Quick report distribution to key stakeholders. Let your reporting tool do all the work. Automate your report distribution to property managers, banks, or investors.

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