Outsourcing Equity Administration & Promoting Organizational Health

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11 2021 Webinar Outsourcingequityadministration Website Webinar

Unsurprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the attitudes and values of the American workforce. Unprecedented quarterly resignation figures and abysmal employee engagement polling data are prompting employers and teams of all sizes to reassess risk exposure posed by conducting otherwise routine internal operational processes. The departure of in-house equity management experts imposes suboptimal situations on organizations; the demands for these skillsets remain vital, but the resources to effectively manage equity have disappeared in many organizations.

Certent’s Equity Management Administrative Services supports your organization with industry-leading expertise and experience to not only protect your company from costly inefficiencies resulting from employee attrition, but in further promoting holistic organizational efficiency with services tailored to suit your specific equity management needs.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how outsourcing your equity management needs to Certent’s Administrative Services team can provide:

  • Administrative Continuity – Mitigate inconsistencies in productivity and organizational knowledge caused by employee turnover.
  • Effective Resource Management – Reduce costs by consolidating EM services into a single plan that will scale with your business.
  • Accessibility to Best Practices – Ensure adherence to all ASC 718 and proxy disclosure mandates.

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