MrExcel’s Time Saving Tips and Tricks

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For reporting professionals, Excel can simultaneously be the most loved and hated tool in our arsenal. So much time is wasted chasing numbers, managing formulas, and consolidating reports that there’s often no time for analysis.

Revitalizing the way you work in Excel can be as easy as a few tips and tricks. Refining your knowledge and skills with a few handy, easy-to-learn techniques is all it takes to save you hours every day. insightsoftware is excited to be working with MrExcel—also known as Bill Jelen—to deliver this insightful webinar on ways to get the most out of your spreadsheets. Topics include:

  • Fast formula copy.
  • Faster filtering with Filer by Selection.
  • Set Defaults for all future pivot tables.
  • Replicate a pivot table for every customer.
  • Do 52 weeks of lookups with one XLOOKUP formula.
  • Change Data with Flash Fill.
  • Faster and better forecasting with the Forecast worksheet.

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