Measuring Deltek A&E Project Performance & Cost in Real-Time

10 2021 Webinar Social Deltekq4 Resource

Is measuring Architecture and Engineering project performance and cost at your organization difficult, tedious and time-consuming? Not to mention trying to communicate deliverables clearly to the rest of your team in a way they can understand. If so, no wonder you are frustrated!

46% of financial team members find measuring A&E project performance difficult and time-consuming based on a recent study with Hanover Research. 

insightsoftware has an efficient, cost-effective and secure way to ease your pain! We’ve partnered with Deltek to offer you an easy integration solution with Spreadsheet Server, where you can save up to 60% of your time spent on measuring project data, cost, and reporting to gain real-time access to your Deltek ERP for data-driven insights!

Join us as our solution team members McLean Waters and Sue Maloney deep dive into:

  • Proven research showing that other A&E financial teams are having the same struggles as you
  • What is different about Spreadsheet Server and how it helps you measure project performance and cost with real-time data, instantly
  • A sneak peek into our newest software, Bizview, which helps with planning, budgeting and forecasting for 2022

Learn how to spend less time manually measuring A&E project performance and more time analyzing the results – sign up for the webinar now!

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