Mad Genius: Is Offering Equity Choice in 2020 and Beyond a Mastermind Move or Madness

0001 Webinar Mad Genius Is Offering Equity Choice In 2020 And Beyond A Mastermind Move Or Madness

Who doesn’t love choice? Would you order takeout from a restaurant with only one menu item? Use a streaming service with only one movie available? Why should equity compensation plans be any different? 2020 has amplified the differences of equity awards in volatile times and potentially created a window for reconsidering how awards are delivered. Empowering employees to select the makeup of their long-term incentive plans is one such idea.

During this on-demand session, Emily Cervino of Fidelity Investments, and Barbara Klementz of Baker McKenzie, discuss what it means to offer choice and mitigating the accompanying risks.

In this interactive webinar, our speakers will:

  • Offer insights on the mechanics of allowing choice as well as meeting the need for increased education and modeling tools
  • Discuss the pros/cons of these plans to help you decide if it is right for your company
  • Explore how to implement a successful roll-out strategy

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