Leveraging Your Peers for Construction Reporting Best Practices

Leveraging Your Peers For Best Practices Jet Resource D365 Finance And Ops

Vista has a powerful community of users in the construction industry who face the same financial and operational reporting challenges every day. Why spend hours reinventing the reporting wheel if your peers have already done it for you?

Watch our on-demand webinar, Leveraging Your Peers for Construction Reporting Best Practices, to learn how Spreadsheet Server can:

  • Help you automate the most critical reports for your business with pre-built content specific for Vista users
  • Go against any table of Vista data and easily build reports like job cost, WIP, and more with Spreadsheet Server’s Query Designer
  • Help you leverage other Vista user’s knowledge and 70+ reports with Query Exchange, Spreadsheet Server’s query sharing tool

Your time is better spent on analysis and decision-making than trying to manually create reports. Watch our webinar to see the features of Spreadsheet Server that were built for you by fellow Vista users and start saving hours of time on reporting.

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