Hubble Best Practices: Pivoting, User Defined Filters, Viewer Interface

06 2021 Webinar Hubble Best Practices Resource (1)

Do you have any burning questions regarding Pivoting, User Defined Filters, and the Viewer Interface within Hubble? If so, join us for our Hubble Best Practices webinar where we will discuss ways you can utilize these features to their fullest potential.

In this session, Senior Solutions Engineer, Derious Malone, will walk you through:

  • Pivoting
    • Uses of Pivoting
    • Power Pivot
    • Pivot Calculations
  • User defined filters
    • Why use UDFs
    • How to define UDFs
    • Applying UDFs
  • Viewer interface
    • What functionality exists for Viewer users
    • Best practices on creating Viewer inquires
    • Desktop Viewer vs. Web Viewer
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