How to Streamline Your Yardi Departmental Reporting Challenges

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12 2020 Webinar Yardi Resource (1)

For many real estate and property management professionals, Yardi’s native reporting tools fail to meet their evolving and demanding workflow needs. In today’s competitive business environment, finance teams can’t afford to struggle with inflexible reports, reliance on IT, and hours spent on manual data dumps. While these challenges are all too common for Yardi-users, they can easily be overcome with the right tools

In this webinar, How to Streamline Your Yardi Departmental Reporting Challenges, you’ll learn how to:

  • Easily create customizable and refreshable reports such as rent roll and percent occupancy.
  • Consolidate and connect to all your data sources in one place.
  • Drill down to see the details behind the data.
  • Find a reporting solution that integrates directly and seamlessly with Yardi.

Experience The Connect Effect with insighsoftware’s innovative reporting tools and begin streamlining your Yardi reporting tasks and reducing inefficiencies.

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