Global Minimum Tax: Key Actions to Eliminate Reporting and Data Inconsistencies Now

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A new era of global corporate taxation is on its way, bringing monumental potential changes and inviting even more scrutiny on corporate taxation than we’ve ever seen before. With so much uncertainty still on the horizon, senior leaders can no longer rely on static spreadsheets and error-prone manual processes to complete their tax provision and manage these frequent updates.

While the global minimum tax is not a done deal yet, organizations must act now to ensure they are investing in the right skills and tools that will enable them to accurately assess the potential impact now and be as prepared as possible once changes to tax regimes are implemented. Tax teams that standardize data and processes can automate more calculations and reporting, eliminate data inconsistencies and perform deeper analysis.

In this webinar, KPMG and insightsoftware will discuss:

  • Top concerns identified by customers in relation to potential changes in tax regimes
  • 7 actions to take now to prepare for the Global Minimum Tax.
  • Assessing the adaptability of your existing tax processes and technology.
  • How Pillar 2 is influencing the Longview Tax and Transfer Pricing roadmaps.
  • The opportunity for tax teams to take a more strategic approach within their organization.

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