Future-Proof Your Organization With Multi-Data Source Budgeting and Planning

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According to Hanover Research, 54% of organizations surveyed were unable to complete their FP&A activities completely. Of those, the number one reason (49%) was time-consuming, manual processes. Bizview, a robust, web-based planning solution, allows you to consolidate data from multiple sources outside of JDE into one system. This provides your organization the ability to have a single source of truth that you can access anywhere, on any device. Whether your organization currently utilizes Hubble Planning or you are looking to future-proof your organization’s planning process and move away from static spreadsheets, Bizview can help accelerate business growth with connected and agile planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Join us for our webinar “Future-Proof Your Organization With Multi-Data Source Budgeting and Planning”, where Director of Solutions Engineering, John Brooks, will demonstrate the benefits of using Bizview alongside Hubble.

Discover how Bizview can help your organization:

  • Align your team and shorten budgeting cycles – Work with a single source of truth, and access up-to-date data at any time, and on any device.
  • Extend planning beyond finance – Integrate planning across departments for greater accuracy and more strategic impact.
  • Include data from multiple sources – Financial planning needs more than just JDE
  • Scale and adapt to your growing business needs – Eliminate errors and increase understanding between teams with transparent, easy-to-use collaboration features that boost productivity.
  • Get your budgeting and planning process up and running rapidly – Integrate all business data from your existing data sources into Bizview, eliminating manually intensive data transfer processes and errors.
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