Four Steps to Elevating Your Stock Plan Communications

0030 Whitepaper Four Steps To Elevating Your Stock Plan Communications

Equity compensation is one of the most important ways that both large and small companies attract, recruit, and retain their workforces. Whether it’s stock grants or options or other similar vehicles, equity compensation offers meaningful long-term incentives for performance that are highly motivating to broad numbers of employees.

But is your company deriving the greatest possible value from your equity-comp initiatives? Are employees participating at appropriate rates and making timely and effective decisions regarding tax consequences? Are they getting the compensation they deserve and that your plan is designed to provide? The fact is, many companies have an important opportunity to make equity-comp programs even more valuable by improving the way they communicate about these programs with their employees.

The following white paper describes four critical steps for elevating your stock plan communications, driving best practices for educating and communicating with plan participants, such as the optimal frequency and methods for communicating, engaging business stakeholders, and leveraging electronic communications vs. paper. These measures will help your organization clarify the goals of your equity-comp initiatives and give them added meaning. Most importantly, they’ll enable your organization to enhance the value of your equity-comp program.

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